Peace  and Joy to you,  BIRO/CCPO Employees:

The recent BIRO/CCPO reunion on July 28, 2012, was a success in every sense of the word because all of you who attended have made it a happy and memorable one. Forty-two BIRO/CCPO ex-employees and seventy-three people, all in all, were at the Sweetwater Regional Park, San Diego, California, that beautiful, sunny day!

My special thanks to all my co-coordinators for their special help, namely:  Efrie Basa, Jing Segundo Sharratt,  Tessie Cannonizado Layug, Mary Cristal,  Lei Daplas Concha,  Pat Espejo,  Ester & Randy Manese,  Lita Benito Glenn,  Julie Cagalawan,  Lillian Dimla,  Cora Coral Reyes,  Elvie Adriano and Bette Poblete.    Indeed,   i couldn’t have pulled it out without your help.

My special thanks also to all of you for your warm generosity,  providing all those delicious dishes, lechon, cold drinks, drinking water and yummy dessert.  Also, for your generosity in donating  (total of  $414.00 from raffles and checks)  to  New East,Inc.;  hence, to the poorest of the poor in the community of Brookside, Bagong Silangan, thru the programs run by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM).  For more information about the history of the community and the FMM programs, please feel free to browse around this website.  You are also free to be one of our   MONTHLY ANGELS (how to do this?  please go to the page “Contact us”

Sometime in January 2014,  we’ll hold another BIRO/CCPO reunion in Subic Bay or Palawan or wherever the majority of us may suggest or vote for.  Till then, feel free to contact us with whatever questions or suggestions you may have.

Again,  thanks and God bless you all !

guia   “Guy”   albelda



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