To our dear DONORS this year 2020:
With grateful hearts, we at New East, Inc. join the community of Brookside, Bagong Silangan, for your valuable help this year despite the downfall in the economy of the world. Despite the hardships encountered during this year of the dreadful pandemic, you stuck it out helping our dear brothers and sisters in Christ. Really, for this, we are ever thankful !!!! You must have heard that the entire community of Brookside went under water last month, when the series of super typhoons (Quinta, Rolly, Siony, Tony, Ulysses) stormed the Philippines’ largest island, Luzon. The last typhoon Ulysses was the strongest one that flooded all the houses in the community up to and including the second floor. Almost all of the houses consist of one-storey, so the residents were evacuated for several days at higher grounds and donated cooked food was served. Despite their hardship and lost clothing and house belongings, the people were grateful nobody drowned unlike in the year 2008’s big flood caused by typhoon “Ondoy”. Really, THANK YOU, our BIG BROTHERS and SISTERS:
(As of December 3, 2020)
Alagar, Rizal
Albelda, Ruperto & Guia
Albelda, Victorina
Barcega, Ruby
Boudreaux, Carl & Perla
Chang, Lapurisima
Ciciora, Dan & Rosa
Faner, Filomena
Faner, Wilhelmina
Lucido, Roderick & Raquel
Manimbo, Efren & Virginia
McMahon, Efren & Virginia
Mendoza, Augusto & Lily
Pangilinan, Melisa E.
Pascual, Carmelita
Quinto, Asuncion
Sabino, Gerardo & Maria
Sanchez, Eric & Julie
Tayag, Augusto & Margarita
Tomas, Bernard
Wilson, Saydie

To all of you, we offer this BLESSING :

Irish Blessing

“May God grant you always…

a sunbeam to warm you,

a moonbeam to charm you,

a sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you,

Laughter to cheer you.

Faithful friends near you.

And whenever you pray, Heaven to hear you.”