It was meaningful indeed

It was a happy day, that Dec 30th event held in Brookside, Bagong Silangan (BS)! The day started with quite a meaningful, unforgettable holy mass presided by the young, newly ordained Jesuit priest, Rev. Fr. Martin Licup. Thanks to our indefatigable Franciscan Missionary of Mary, FMM, Sr. Mac Licup, spiritual mother and guide of our youths of the community i.e., of the members of Youths for Christ of Brookside, Bagong Silangan, we had this fortune! This nice, young Jesuit priest blessed us and guided us, saying thanks for God’s blessings for the year 2019 ! After the holy mass, the choir of the Youths for Christ gave us a special, unbelievable choral performance led (impromptu) by a seven-year old son of an elected leader of the community (happened without any previous practice because the whole thing was extemporaneous !!!!!). The afternoon ended with the traditional gift giving by New East, Inc. (NEI) to each family of the community of Brookside, BS. Started as a legacy of Sr. Cora Pacheco, FMM every year, each family received what was to be their “media noche” dinner the following night (Dec 31st). The Filipinos has this tradition of partaking a family “media noche” to usher in each new year. After praying their thanks for the graces received the current year and asking for the new year’s graces, the family then eats their so-called simple “media noche”. Then , time to celebrate with the firecrackers and fireworks (Boom! Boom! Boom!)