New East, Inc (NEI) Update November 17, 2019

To our dear Donors and supporters of New East, Inc:
Peace and blessings !
For fifteen years since 2004, you have supported us ungrudgingly and continuously. We can’t tell you how grateful for this we have been and will be for as long as we live. So do our recipients of your help, the people of Brookside, Bagong Silangan, Quezon City, Philippines.
We are happy that those years of your support have borne fruits helping the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary’s (FMM) dedicated sisters’ work on their programs such as:
Moral formation; Livelihood program; Homebuilding project; Feeding program; Free Quality Private elementary Education; Scholarship program; Consumer Membership Cooperative Store; Free Healthcare and Pay it Forward program. (Ref: www.neweastinc.com)
It is with much pleasure to let you know that most, if not all, of the above programs have been quite successful, thanks to your financial help and prayers over the years. Most noteworthy have been Moral Formation, homebuilding, feeding, scholarship program and the cooperative.
Both youths’ and adults’ programs in moral formation have been continuously manifested in the community since they were transferred to Brookside. Homebuilding program continues over the years that most of the 300 families now own their individual homes, including the official or legal house titles to them (isn’t that just wonderful?) And this means that most of the 300 families now have stable jobs to sustain their households’ necessities.
Sadly, for lack of financing and necessary administration, the Free quality Private elementary Education was afforded to the community only ten years, from 2004 to 2014. At present, only the prep-school is continuing with two teachers. However, most of the graduates of the 10 years’ elementary school went on to high school and to college.
My heart is overwhelmed to let you know that the Scholarship Program was very successful! At present, there are more than 30 college graduates from the community of Brookside, bagong Silangan, who have been supported by you and other donors such as Ateneo de Manila, etc. Our youths have graduated with titles of BS Education, BS Pharmacy, BS Accountancy, BS Medical Technology, BS in Entrepreneurship or Hotel/Restaurant Management, BS Criminology, AB History, AB Management and Human Resources, AB Philosophy, and other degrees from various well known colleges and universities in Manila and Quezon City, Philippines.
With this Scholarship Program also, there was a number of successful candidates who passed their specific Philippine Government Board examinations such as pharmacists, medical technologist, teachers, etc. Let’s thank and praise God for these youths’ morality and perseverance.
When we honored these young graduates of Brookside last September with a feast, we charged them to “PAY IT FORWARD” and we got their promise to do so, being the honorable and wonderful youths that they are ! They promised to help their families and community.
Another success which I am proud to announce: through the leadership training given the leaders, the community ably established a community association which they legalized later on. They named this the “Kapatiran San Jose Home Owners’ Association”. The community leaders are elected every two years. They had the association formally and legally recognized by the Philippine government; hence, able to obtain help from the officials of the Quezon City when necessary. The government helped improve the community drainage which was mostly causing the flooding of the entire community during heavy storms and typhoons. The government also provided the community with a covered basketball court for free.
The community operated Cooperative was also legalized. The store is managed by the present president of the Association and manned by two paid helpers.

Please continue helping New East, Inc.!

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