After the elementary school in Brookside, Bagong Silangan, has been closed the past two years, the Kindergarten classes definitely reopened on June 13th, 2016.

Eight five students enrolled in these Kindergarten classes which were divided into four small classes and are  held  in morning and afternoon sessions (two classes each session).  Two former teachers of the Stella Maris Alternative School (SMAS) who graduated from the Lumen Cristi Teacher’s Program of the college run by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM) in Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines,  were hired.

New East, Inc (NEI) started paying the salaries of the two teachers and bought all the textbooks to be used by the schoolchildren.  The parents’ counterpart support will pay for the rest of the incidental costs such as employee benefits, the required Philippine government’s fees, school maintenance and children’s school uniforms.  Should the parents’ registration and monthly fees will not be able to cover those expenses,  NEI will pay for whatever is necessary.

Some of the parents and friends voluntarily dedicated two to three days in renovating the two classrooms which will be used by the Kindergarten students.  NEI paid for the paint and wood used.  In a “bayanihan” style, the parents, leaders and friends of the  Kapatiran (KSJA-HOA), the association of the community,  helped each other in replacing the two badly damaged doors of the classrooms and in refurbishing the blackboards and classrooms to be used by the schoolchildren.  The two classrooms are now ready for use and they look as if no damage has been done by the flood incidences the past years.


Hopefully, the community/school library will soon be re-opened also.  It is being re-stacked with books, dictionaries, children’s books, and general interest books and magazines to be used by the community and the school which hopefully, will be re-opened in June 2017.  Major donations for student reference books will be coming from kind, former and present teachers and residents of Los Angeles, California.   We are looking for more donors to help in this endeavor.

Kindly help… email: galbelda@sbcglobal.net


The community bakery has been relocated from Cubao, Quezon city, to the second floor of the Brookside’s Multi-Purpose building.  It was blessed by the parish priest of Bagong Silangan and started operation in its new location.  Happily, business is doing briskly because the bread and pastries it is selling are welcomed by the community and the people outside the community.  The bakery will no longer pay a rental fee since the new place is owned by the community.  It is hoped then that the newly relocated bakery will profit more and will be able to pay some of the necessary operating expenses of the former SMAS elementary school of Brookside, BS, when the latter opens in June 2017.


Our third seminarian graduated from  BA in Philosophy last May 29, 2016.  He then  entered the seminary of his choice.  (The first two seminarians are presently happy in their seminaries after graduating also the previous years).  Please help by praying that these three seminarians whom you have supported in their first four years of college thru NEI will persevere in their vocation and eventually work at our Lord’s vineyard as ordained priests.


A contest in designing an appropriate  LOGO  for the Kapatirang San Jose Home Owners’ Association (KSJA-HOA) is being planned to be held sometime in August 2016.  The winning logo design shall be used in all letterheads and  signs, by the KSJA-HOA.  Contest will be opened to all  bonafide youths of the community.  A committee shall be formed by elected leaders of the community and a guideline for the contest shall be written.  NEI shall provide for the prizes to be awarded when contest is finished and the best logo design selected.


Registration of the community’s  Multi-purpose Cooperative.   The cooperative is currently seeking legal recognition.  The leaders of the KSJA-HOA and community’s membership consumer cooperative store have finally filed the required papers for its legalization.  An External Auditor of the Cooperative was also appointed.  It is hoped that more profits would be gained so the Cooperative will be able to pay the salaries of more than two teachers when the community school reopens in June 2017.


Two ladies will be graduating with a BS Pharmacy degree in October 2016.  We congratulate all graduates and their families and friends on this milestone of their lives !  Thanks and praise the Lord for this blessing!  If and when the two budding pharmacists take the Philippine Board Exams for Pharmacy and they obtain their licenses, it is planned to open a pharmacy owned by the community.  What a blessing indeed that would be:  the pharmacy would be in addition to a school, a functioning library, a cooperative, a bakery, a clinic, a multi-purpose building and a chapel,  all owned by the community of Brookside, Bagong Silangan!


With help from friends, the Kapatiran has started working on the reopening of their elementary school previously ran by the FMMs.  Target date of re-opening is in June 2017 since all elementary schools in the Philippines start in June.  Some legalities have to be ironed out and funding to be prepared before then.

PLEASE  HELP  by being a MONTHLY ANGEL –   yourself and/or asking your relatives and friends to be a MONTHLY ANGEL,  a  FRIEND OF NEW EAST, INC (NEI).  Your donation will truly be helping our dear brothers and sisters in Brookside, Bagong Silangan, get on their feet.  We welcome automatic bank deposits or personal checks or cash in any amount,  monthly or yearly or once in a while, whenever.   For any questions, please feel free to write us at

galbelda@sbcglobal.net   or    send checks to  1300 Ave 64, Pasadena,  Ca 91105.