September 10, 2014

Hello, Tita !  How are you po… I’m glad and was touched and inspired by your story.  Everyday, I’m thankful to God to have found such person like you.  You and your companions (directors and donors) in New East, Inc.  are really great help to my perseverance.  I always keep you all in my prayers.  Please do continue to pray for me.

Hopefully by March, I hope you could be here on my graduation day.

Pardon me, I forgot to explain to you the meaning of “dromologized”.  Dromologized comes from the word “Dromology”.  It comes from the Greek word “dromos”, a body of knowledge which main concern are the effects of speed to a certain race or culture.  Paul Virilio, a French philosopher,  was the first one who originated this term.  Perhaps, you can consult brother Wikipedia for more explanation?… hehehe…

Yes, this is my last year in college.  That’s why I’m doing well on my last year in my seminary…..for God!

Thank you very much Tita and your friends, for all the support and everything.  Please extend my heartfelt thanksgiving to your family, friends and the FMMs (Franciscan Missionaries of Mary) and everyone who are praying for my vocation.


September 13, 2014

Sometimes, Tita, vocation is a mystery for all of us.  God called us with no age limit.  Like in my own story.  I felt i wanted to be a Priest someday when I started to be an altar boy since Grade 2.  I was amazed at our Parish Priest before saying mass.  At that moment, i realized that I want to be a Priest someday.  That’s when I reached 4th Year High School, I started to find seminaries and ask their Vision mission.  Fortunately a Franciscan Brother was assigned in our Parish here in Bagong Silangan.  So I asked him if he can help me to be a priest.  Then he gave me the contact number of the Franciscans.  Then…. that’s it….

God is really mysterious, but i know He is moving.  He moves me….

Tita, please pray for me.  I will propose my thesis to our Panelists this coming October 6th.  I hope they will approve my thesis proposal so that I can proceed to my Chapter two next semester.

Thank you and God bless !






April 1, 2014

Hello,  ma’am Guia, peace and all Good !  thank you for your unceasing support to my studies.  I would like to inform you on what is happening to me here in the seminary.

First, I was elected as a community president.  I am the elder of the community or so to say, the President of the seminarians.  At first, I thought  i cannot handle this kind of responsibility because this is a very challenging role in my part because this is my first time, but through the mercy of God,  I passed the challenges He gave me as an elder.  In fact, my rector appreciated my efforts so much as an elder of the community…. in one of our conversations, he told me that I should continue exerting effort for the seminary and for my brothers.

Second thing is, this past week, the Formators had their evaluations of the seminarians.  I am happy to tell you they approved of my letter of intention to continue in the seminary.  Next formation year, I will become a fourth year seminarian!  Yes, at last !  and part of transition period is what we call the “exposure”, a part of formation in the seminary which the seminarian will be sent to the provinces where they will “makikipamuhay” with the farmers, fishermen, etc….  Ma’am, today, I will go to Bicol Donsol, Sorsogon to “makipamuhay” there for a month.  They will let me live with a family who will become my foster parents for one month.  Pray for me Ma’am, that I may learn from their simple way of life.  And as I continue to journey in the religious life, may this exposure help me to understand our brothers and sisters who are in need of evangelization.

I will continue to update you, Ma’am, what is  happening with my journey inside the seminary.  In silence, I am always praying for your Good health and more blessings to come.  May God bless you and your loved ones !

Once again,  Thank you very much !


September 6, 2014

Hello, Tita Guia !  How are you?  Like before, i would like to update you on what is happening in my journey as a seminarian.

First, i would like to thank you and your Friends in New East,Inc. for your unceasing support, most especially in my studies.  I always include you in my prayers, most especially your Family and friends.

I’m glad to inform you that i am now a 4th year seminarian.  I am writing my thesis now, the final requirement for graduation.  My thesis title is  “The Dromologized lifestyle of the call center agents; A philosophical analysis based on Paul Virilio’s Critique of speed as violence.  Basically, my thesis would like to expose the effects of technology most especially to call center agents.

I am also active in the glee club of our seminary and also am actively participating in the community activities.

Thank you po  and God bless.