By the grace of God, two weeks after the HABAGAT (Philippine typhoon of August 6-8, 2012) flooded Brookside, Bagong Silangan, up to the roofs of 300 houses, the residents are now slowly picking up their lives, thanks to many donors’ generosity. All donations are sent immediately to partially provide the immediate needs of the flood victims and somehow alleviate the pain and suffering of the people.

Sr. Elvie Dizon of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM), the nun-in-charge of the FMM community programs,

* has bought and distributed some necessities and canned goods to the flood victims;
* bought shoes for all the children of the school;
* bought school supplies for everything went underwater and couldn’t be used;
* bought materials for the repair of the fence at the back of the school (SMAS) which collapsed due to the force of the brook and the typhoon;
* rented large capacity washing machines for the laundry of the poor people’s clothes since everything they had were damaged with mud from the floods;
* coordinated a free volunteered medical mission for all residents (including ophthalmologist/optometrist examinations)
* conducts prayer-meetings to follow up on the need-to-know situations and morale of the people. (Note: Sadly, a 6-year old boy drowned during the rescue operations during the floods. The family of the boy is being helped by the community and the FMMs. Please pray for the boy and his family.)

Donations received so far were not enough to replace the broken windows of classrooms in Stella Maris Alternative School (SMAS). The school is still so dirty too that it is not possible to hold classes as of this writing.

We still need donations to help the residents of Brookside! All the books in their library were rendered useless by the floods and they need to be replaced soon for the children’s sake. Also, people couldn’t go back to work for a living yet.

Whether cash or checks, all donations are tax deductible if made payable to New East,Inc. (ref: Contact us). PLEASE DONATE and kindly spread the word to kindhearted people you know.

Please pray for Brookside, BS, the FMMs and us, as we are all trying to find a permanent solution to the repetitive disastrous flooding in the area. (Follow our progress.. in this website or in New East in facebook.)

We wish to thank all our donors the months of July and August 2012. Without your help, there could have been so little or no progress at all with the rehabilitation process after the floods in the community of Brookside, Bagong Silangan.

Our prayerful thanks to you, dear


A&G Partners, LP
Luminario & Nena Alano
Marigrace Albelda
R & G Albelda
Roque Albelda
Victorina Albelda
BIRO/CCPO Employees (former)
Ambrose Carl and Perla Boudreaux
Jim & Tess Bundalian
Julieta Cagalawan
Elmer & Lapurisima Chang
Juanito & Lerma Concha
Mary Cristal
Percival & Wilma Divinagracia
Filomena Faner
Wilhelmina Faner
Estelita Glenn
Florencio & Geraldine Gutierrez
Jose & Nora Hizon
Judy Hwang
Stacey Jarasa
Rico & Tessie Layug
Roderick & Raquel Lucido
Michael & Mayflor Marfori
Elena B. Orlando
Mario Pacheco
Simonette Pacheco
Marilyn Paguio
Melisa E. Pangilinan
Norman & Asuncion Quinto
Corazon Coral Reyes
Normandy & Rosana Romasanta
Julie Santiago
Yvonne Sartiaguda
James & Josephine Sharratt
Smartcare Dental (Jess & Violy Ruidera)
Arminda Solomon
St. Michael’s Cursillo (c/o Carl Boudreaux)
Augusto & Margarita Tayag
Bernard & Sheila Tomas
Gonzalo & Emma Vergara Jr.
Henry & Marilyn Vitug



Sr. Elvie who replaced Sr. Cora in administering the programs of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary in Brookside, Bagong Silangan  emailed us:

” Dear friends of Brookside, Bagong Silangan:


Just to let you know what is happening now in Brookside, Bagong Silangan.  After almost three weeks of continuous rains, the flood has reached critical proportions…. it has now covered all the houses down in the alleys up to the roofs while at this time, the water continues to rise and reaching now the main road….The school’s first floor and the library are covered with water.  We just pray it will not reach the second floor to protect our things and our computers.  Some of the books have been destroyed (again!!!) and were not saved!

People have initially evacuated to the Multipurpose building… more than hundred families, but we have now transferred them to the nearby subdivision of Filinvest Heights which has a big covered court in their place.  The Filinvest Heights residents were so generous in providing all the food and other amenities including the cars that brought the people there.  It is about ten minutes ride to their place.

Right now, the flood victims are in dire need of rice and blankets.  But the bigger task will again be the rehabilitation as all their things are again destroyed by the floods.  The typhoon Ondoy in 2009 was really a typhoon and came in so suddenly.  This time, it is the monsoon rains but what precipitated so much rain was that the typhoon which is supposed to leave the Philippines going to Taiwan is dragging the monsoon and causing all these rains.  The rivers have overflowed; also the dams…. the whole Luzon island and parts of Mindanao are affected.

Please continue to pray for us.   Thanks.

Sr. Elvie, FMM “

Please note we need your help now… we will accept any amount in cash, coins, checks or pledge… payable to New East,Inc… Everything will be tax-deductible and will be acknowledged promptly.  Advanced thanks and God bless;  may the good Lord reward your generosity a hundredfold!… guia

Additional news from Sr. Elvie:  The wall between the creek and SMAS , the elementary school in Brookside, Bagong Silangan,  gave way to the high pressure of inundating brook.  The wall fell on one of the classrooms;  hence, broke all its windows.

Sr. Elvie  further emailed that they are looking  for a permanent solution to this repetitive flooding (almost yearly!).  They are weighing two possibilities: namely, relocation of all residents or building second floors to all 300 houses in BS.  The former seems to be too costly,  so they might opt for the second solution,  putting a second floor to each house.






Peace  and Joy to you,  BIRO/CCPO Employees:

The recent BIRO/CCPO reunion on July 28, 2012, was a success in every sense of the word because all of you who attended have made it a happy and memorable one. Forty-two BIRO/CCPO ex-employees and seventy-three people, all in all, were at the Sweetwater Regional Park, San Diego, California, that beautiful, sunny day!

My special thanks to all my co-coordinators for their special help, namely:  Efrie Basa, Jing Segundo Sharratt,  Tessie Cannonizado Layug, Mary Cristal,  Lei Daplas Concha,  Pat Espejo,  Ester & Randy Manese,  Lita Benito Glenn,  Julie Cagalawan,  Lillian Dimla,  Cora Coral Reyes,  Elvie Adriano and Bette Poblete.    Indeed,   i couldn’t have pulled it out without your help.

My special thanks also to all of you for your warm generosity,  providing all those delicious dishes, lechon, cold drinks, drinking water and yummy dessert.  Also, for your generosity in donating  (total of  $414.00 from raffles and checks)  to  New East,Inc.;  hence, to the poorest of the poor in the community of Brookside, Bagong Silangan, thru the programs run by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM).  For more information about the history of the community and the FMM programs, please feel free to browse around this website.  You are also free to be one of our   MONTHLY ANGELS (how to do this?  please go to the page “Contact us”

Sometime in January 2014,  we’ll hold another BIRO/CCPO reunion in Subic Bay or Palawan or wherever the majority of us may suggest or vote for.  Till then, feel free to contact us with whatever questions or suggestions you may have.

Again,  thanks and God bless you all !

guia   “Guy”   albelda