Thanks and praise to our Lord for another blessed year (2011) for New East, Inc.!

As usual,  the past year had both happy and sad events. 

1)  The second group of students of the SMAS (Stella Maris Alternative School)in Bagong Silangan, graduated from elementary education last year, as Sr. Cora

said in her email  Just want to share with you once again our joy of having 26 Grade Six students who will graduate this coming March 30 ,2011. Attached is our invitation. Thanks again and again for the help you generously give us that made this event possible and truly gives hope and joy to the

poor children and their parents.  May God continue to bless you and all your loved ones. Sincerely, Sr. Cora,fmm”.

The first group graduated in 2010.


2)  Four livelihoods that have transformed the lives of many residents in Bagong Silangan(BS) are: 

            a)  Cooperative Consumer Membership Store, started in 2001, besides benefiting the  community

                  with their minimal prices, now financially helps their school, SMAS, as well;

             b)  The small bakery started about two years ago, is very successful and now contributes also to SMAS;


            c)  Floating Candles Manufacturing (on the third floor of the Multi-Purpose Building)-

A professor/donor in Singapore gives capital for the venture; ships and sells the floating candles in Singapore.  The venture pays women of  BS 

for each piece that they make as their pay or salary.


            d) Sidecars –  There are now about 20 sidecars being leased and operated by youths/men of BS.  Each operator pays a daily rent for his sidecar and when he has           paid, in the aggregate, the actual original cost of sidecar, he is awarded legal ownership papers for it.  

 After the appropriate training and overseeing by the FMMs, the above livelihoods are now fully run and managed by the Community of BS through salaried employees and BS leaders.

  3)   Acquisition of brand new Drum & Lyre Band instruments:

             The SMAS, given new drums and lyres, formed a band sometime in June.  The band consisting of students from Grade 5 thru 6, performed very well even only after two months since owning the instruments.  The brand new equipment were donated by a charitable local donor.


 4)   Bagong Silangan community is now pinning their high hopes on their  two(2) students hoping to be priests in the near future !  New East, Inc. has committed to financially support these two seminarians until they become professed. One student is now in his third year and will enter the Novitiate this March and the other one is in his second year in Philosophy degree. 

  5)  Our friends and patrons from St. Francis Xavier Church of Burbank California, the Peace and Justice Committee(P&JC), sent boxes of Christmas goodies (foodstuffs) to Bagong Silangan thru their leader Richard Jao, so the community of BS had a merry pre-Christmas celebration.  Thank you very much, Richard and all the members of the P&JC of  SFX.

 6)  Two livelihoods which did not fare well were the Water Purification System and the Small Business Loans:  (a) The Water Purification business failed after the local Water District installed new waterline pipes from the main treated water system of the City.  Cost of purified water could not compete business-wise after said installation.

                        (b)  Sr. Cora started a Mini-Loans Programs for small business ventures.  This failed too, perhaps, because those who tried it did not have enough capital and skills to compete with other established small business enterprises.

  7)  Sr. Corazon Pacheco, one of the founders of Bagong Silangan(BS) Community and the FMM programs for BS, passed away on August 17, 2011.  Please always remember her in your prayers.   Sr. Elvie Dizon, Sr. Maricris Licup and Sr. Angie Jamola are now taking care of the FMM programs in BS.  Please keep them in your prayers too.

  8)  Sad news last December was the disaster that the typhoon “Sendong” brought to the people of Iligan City, Cagayan de Oro in Mindanao.  Many people died or were rendered homeless caused by the unexpected flash floods in Iligan.  Two of those who died were the mother and a sister of Sr. Sonia Frugalita, FMM.  Sr. Sonia used to be Sr. Cora’s superior. As of this writing, we have so far sent $3,430 to the FMM for the Iligan victims. Good news is, they say, the Bishop of Iligan will donate one hectare of land to all displaced Iligan victims. After our Iligan drive; we will continue with our support to all BS programs, two seminarians, one Vocational student and the monthly salary of one SMAS teacher and continue Sr. Cora’s dream foundation with the balance of our monthly collections.

As of December 31, 2011, the income statement of New East, Inc. is as follows:

Revenues,   total contributions           $ 12,513.50  ( w/ cash balance frwded from 2010)

Total donation to FMMs                         $ 11,670.00  (93.26% of revenues)

Total Operating Expenses                      $        825.74  (6.60% of revenues)

Cash Balance Forwarded to 2012       $          17.76


As in previous years, the total operating expenses were mostly the printing of letterhead, cost of envelopes and postage stamps. I will look into the costs involved in using Nonprofit stamps.  Years ago, I calculated they weren’t to our advantage since we were sending less than 400 letters a year then.

 We did not have any fundraising campaign the year 2011.  Hopefully, we can have at least one fundraising event this year. Let’s have your suggestions about this,   if you wish. 

Please help us with our   MONTHLY ANGELS PROJECT.  It would be nice if many donors will send even $5 or $10 or $20 only each month, as long as we get them automatically through their banks, as in a pay bill program.  Most banks don’t charge a fee for this, send monthly checks automatically  to New East, Inc. @1300 Ave. 64, Pasadena,Ca 91105  on a date specified by the donor.

In  Sis. Cora’s memory,  New East, Inc. thanks you all for the  blessings of your generosity this past year !

2011  DONORS:
(in alphabetical order)

A&G Partners, LP
Abano, Paraluman
Abjelina, Alberto & Bella
Albarano, Rev. Richard
Albelda, Fortunato & Eileen
Albelda, Francisco
Albelda, Marigrace
Albelda, Ruperto/Guia
Albelda, Victorina
Albert, Jose & Rose Marie
Ang, Cherith
Bandalan, Edilberto Jr.
Barcega, Ruby
Batchiler, Jesse
Boltz, Fred & Haydee
Borrero, Caring
Boudreaux, Carl & Perla
Brents, Eugenia C.
Briones, Victoria
Brock, Mervin & Barbara
Bundalian, Jim & Tess
Cadena, Audrey
Cagalawan, Julieta
Campana, Joemel
Corpuz, Bernadette
Creque,  jon & Je-anne
Cristal, Maria Del Rosario
Cristal, Joseph A.
Cruz, Tony & Gloria
Dal Ponte, Luigi & Lina
De Leon, Jose & Norma
Del Castillo, Tante
Dela Paz, Emerlinda
Delgado, Ted & Medy
Dominguez, GloriaDuong, Vanessa
Faner, Filomena
Faner, Wilhelmina
Figel, Robert & Nila
Franchi, Alison
Francisco, Ding & Tess
Geoffron,  Macelle Albelda
George,  Rev. Fr. Benny
Glenn, Estelita
Go, Patricia
Grear, Joshua & Ma. Katrina
Gutierrez, Florencio & Geraldine
Han, Kevin
Haran, Sr. Vickey
Hizon,  Jose &  Nora
Hwang, Judy
Jarasa, Stacey
Knox, Jim
Kobuchi, Josie
Lavares, Erlinda Dr.
Layug, Milo & Carina
Layug, Rico & Tessie
Lee, Bobby
Legaspi, Eugene & Pamela
Lesaca, Grace
Lopez, Carlos Sr.
Losaria, Erlinda
Lucido, Roderick & Raquel
Mammina, Philip & Rosalita
Manimbo, Efren & Virginia
Marfori, Mike & May
McGinnis, Norma  &  Vilma Dimen
Mcmahon, Gerald & Rosario
Mercado, Neil
Meza, Carlos & Carmen
Merza, Jesse & Maria
Pacheco, Divinia
Pacheco, Eugene
Pacheco, Mario
Pacheco, Simonette
Paguio, Marilyn
Pangilinan, Melisa E.
Panoringan, Antonio & Norma
Quimio, Estelito
Quinto, Asuncion & Norman
Reyes, Corazon Coral
Reyes, Sasha A.
Reyes, Virgilio& Clarita
Romasanta, Normandy & Rosana
Sabino, Gerry & Rica
Salve, Bonifacio
Sartiaguda, Yvonne
Serrano, Ric & Girlie
Smartcare Dental
Solomon, Arminda
St. Michael’s Cursillo
Tan, Jeanie Guray
Tayag, Augusto/Margarita
Toralba, Warlito & Cirila
Torres, Diosdado & Evangeline
Torres, Grace & Lavarias, Walter
Vergara Jr., Gonzalo & Emma
Wongratwanich, Wantanee & Shaputis, Wm.
Yamaguchi, Alyce


Villar, Manny  (Philippine Senator)

Last but not least, we would like to thank

Aileen Pacheco of Toronto, Canada,

for donating her services to New East,Inc.  She designed this wonderful new website and let us use her domain and whatever is needed to maintain this website!

This year of the Lord 2012, let’s continue our faith journey together, all for the greater honor and glory of God!

God bless you all !