The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM) congregation announced that it might close some of their missions in the Philippines. Hence, last two months, they gave Brookside, Bagong Silangan a series of meetings which discussed what is likely to happen in the community. The FMMs then planned a retreat for its leaders and New East, Inc. happily sponsored the successful two-day retreat. Let’s pray the leaders of the community will carry on the good work of the FMMs.

Retreat 1    Retreat 2    Retreat 3

Retreat 4    Retreat 5     Retreat 6

Brookside Youth Servants of Christ. Bagong Silangan Quezon City    Oso Photos - December 31, 2013 - 051     Oso Photos - December 31, 2013 - 050

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UPDATE 12 17 18


Indeed, God is truly merciful! Here’s an update of our project, the object of your charity, in Brookside, Bagong Silangan. This website was reopened thru the kindness of a kind (young and handsome as well) man…!
Thank you, Anthony Hilario! In my books, you’re an IT genius!

The following info are about the progress and the impending loss of Brookside, Bagong Silangan, the object of your charity
Anyway, I want you to know that since 1997,

1. SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM. More than 40 youths in Brookside have graduated from college and are now helping their elders…. isn’t that wonderful? You and other donors of New East,Inc. (NEI) made this possible through the years!

Some of the graduates of the now closed elementary school of Brookside have successfully graduated from college this year! five of those graduates were honored by the community last June. Below, please read the letter of thanks sent by one of them:
On Monday, June 18, 2018…… Louie Jay Junio wrote:

Dear New East, Inc. :

I am writing this on behalf of all the people you’ve helped.

We may not know each other personally but still you choose to help us. We may not be related by consanguinity but still you treat us like one.

Thank you for believing in our dreams; thank you for making that dream come true and thank you for helping us to keep dreaming. Maybe words can’t describe my gratitude or words aren’t enough to express how I feel. You manage to make an impact at a distance. You have moved our hearts and we appreciate how blessed we are to have the opportunity to go to school. Although education should be a right of every individual it is now becoming a privilege to those who have the means.

That’s why I pray to God to grant you more strength and longer life because you are creating a mark as you walk on our lives. We are your living Legacy and we promise to Pay it forward.

In your and other donors’ behalf, I acknowledged receipt of Louie Jay’s above letter right after receiving it.

2. LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS. Although there were some setbacks, the community has legalized their association called “Kapatiran San Jose Home Owners’ Association” and their Cooperative Store under it. Happily, with a little guidance from my younger sister, they are now running the community businesses (including helping their Bakery) all by themselves.

3. COOPERATIVE STORE: Recently, they added a “Lending Unit” to the Cooperative and for the first few months in its operation, they found that it is very helpful to the people because now, the people can borrow at a much lower interest than other lenders so, they don’t go to the usurers anymore. At the same time, the lending unit is being able to help the Cooperative with its losses. The Board of Trustees of the community Association are trying to find ways and means also in increasing the membership of the Cooperative to offset its losses.

4. BAYANIHAN or GROUP SPIRIT. With positive traits of leadership the elected leaders and the cooperating elderlies in the community expanded their community chapel to accommodate the increasing attendance of people in their Sunday (Saturday) mass. They did not even ask funds from us but did everything by “Bayanihan”. This Filipino practice of a group with common goal makes some positive group action quite possible without any financial source outside of themselves. Their regular Saturday mass (in lieu of Sunday) is being attended to by their neighboring barangays also.

5. STELLA MARIS ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL (SMAS). Sad to report, there are some setbacks in the community like the elementary grades school SMAS hasn’t been reopened yet since closing it in 2014. It operated from 2004 thru 2014. After Sr. Cora Pacheco’s death, after ten years of successful operation, it closed due to lack of funding and some requirement by the Philippine government. We’re still trying to find a way to reopen it though and we will update you with the progress if and when successful.

I am happy to let you know though that 2 classes of Kindergarten are continuing – you, among other donors make this possible., i.e., with teachers’ salaries and benefits, free feeding of the children and maintenance costs… although I wish I can have more “automatic” regular monthly donations para sana hindi ako masyadong naghahagilap ng pang-support every month..

6. SAD NEWS . The Franciscan missionaries of Mary (FMMs) are planning on pulling out their sisters from most of their mission centers in the Philippines, among which is Brookside, BS. Reason is because wala nang pumapasok na gustong mag-madre and most of the sisters now in the Philippines, are beyond 70 years old … there are only very few who are below 50 years old.

I am hoping, hoping, we can get regular monthly donors to keep our charity work in Brookside alive at least for a few more years…. then we can move on to some other entities which are also in dire need of help (I receive a few requests for help). Please help us help those who are in need !!!

As you know, Monthly and periodic Donors can mail their checks to:

New East, Inc.
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I still do the accounting and donors receive their usual tax break letters from New East, Inc. before April 15th for each year they donated.

Please keep us in your prayers….. the Almighty One is extremely helpful to people who ask Him !!!

Meanwhile, the FMMs are still offering their thanksgiving masses and special prayers for all of our donors and their families each last Saturday of the month. These include you, all donors, and your families.


UPDATE 12 17 18


Mother Teresa

It is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the doing. It is not how much we give, but how much love we put in the giving. –Mother Teresa


We can all give !

“…..No matter what you have, or don’t have, we can all give. The good news is that generosity is not a luxury sport.

Martin Luther King Jr. said it best, when he said, “Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve.” He didn’t say, “You have to be smart to serve.” Or “you have to be famous to serve.” Or “You have to be rich to serve.” No, he said, “Everybody can be great, because “everybody” can serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You don’t need to know the second law of thermodynamics to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”

Excerpt from a speech by Nipun Mehta at a graduation speech in May 2013.


New address for New East,Inc.

To our dear donors and friends of New East,Inc.:

Peace and blessings to one and all !

Our new address is :
1808 Edgewood Dr.
Alhambra, CA 91803



Inspired by  Psalm 116:12  “How shall i make a return to the Lord for all the good He has done for me?”, New East, Inc. (NEI) was formed by us and was given a license to operate as a nonprofit corporation in California. (Ref:www.neweastinc.com)

As the years went by, because of your generosity, the 57  homeless garbage-sorter families that were transferred in 1997  by  Sr. Cora Pacheco, Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM), from old Manila to Brookside, Bagong Silangan (BS), have seen much progress.  By  2017, the 57 family-community has grown to 300 families. They now have individual modest homes they can call their own (size of a 2-car garage) built by them and Gawad Kalinga. They are  paying for their individual lots little by little.  Happily, some are now in possession of the titles to their homes and this gives dignity to the poor people therein.

The FMM has established and are running the following programs for the benefit of about 1,500people living in the community of Brookside, Bagong Silangan(BS):

Moral formation

Leadership Training

Livelihood Program

Quality Catholic Private Elementary Education


Pay Forward Program

The FMM also made sure that  aside from the families’  individual homes, the following  community-owned buildings or spaces were provided in the layout of the community as built by Gawad Kalinga:

1.  Multi-purpose Building where they hold meetings such as General   Assembly, livelihood meetings,  parents-teachers meetings, etc.

2.  Chapel

3.  School

4.  Clinic

5.  Cooperative Membership Consumer Store

6.  Missionary house

7.  Basketball court or activity center in the middle of the community

8.  Bakery

9.  Library


Because of leadership training, the community learned to act as a group and they worked to legalize the Association they formed for the community of Brookside, BS.  They now have what they call “Kapatiran San Jose Home Owners’ Association”.  According to their Memorandum of Understanding (MOU),  they hold general elections once every two years and special elections when necessary.   When the community needs help such as solving the floods that happen from time to time in Brookside, the association has the leverage when dealing or getting help from their barangay  and the City government.


The Association also worked for the legalization of their Cooperative Store.  They now run the cooperative by themselves. Like Costco, the profits of the cooperative are pegged to a minimum;  members obtain rebates whenever they buy from their store.  As of now, thru the help of an outside auditor,  the sales have been mechanized, and the cooperative is being progressively successful.  It gives a few of the community members livelihood by being paid in taking care of the store, etc.  Lately, they began two new programs: (1)”Load na Dito” program where the community may buy cell phone usage cards and the   (2) program of  lending cash at a very low interest solely to the community residents.  Now, the people in the community don’t have to borrow from usurers at very high interests.


With the guidance of one of the two FMM nuns in charge of  Brookside,  there is a bakery operating in Brookside.   The bakery provided another source for employment and profits for the Association. The personnel that run the bakery belong to the community and are paid for their work.


After more than two years that the community library was closed because all the books were damaged by the typhoon and floods, it opened this year through the help of charitable book donors from California. The library books which are mostly new are of excellent choices for children, youths and adults.

Sadly, the library’s roofing has rotten and needs replacement or repair.  However, as of now,  New East, Inc. (NEI) couldn’t afford the replacement/repair expenses.  Hence, the library has to be temporarily moved to a smaller, older room at the Multi-Purpose Building since it is at present the “rainy season” in the Philippines.  It would be nice if New East, Inc. (NEI) could raise the money for replacement/repair of the library roof soon.  Alas, we need to raise about $4,000 for it.

It is being planned by NEI to pay for the daily delivery of a local newspaper for the benefit of the community, especially the adult members.

If the Association will agree to share the library to people outside of Brookside community, it shall be done so.

NEI pays for the monthly stipend of a semi-librarian who is among the youths of the community.


NEI continues to pay for the enrollment of youths wanting to further their education beyond high school.  Over the years,  NEI has graduated among others,  five teachers, one accountant, a radio mechanic, a computer programmer and a few Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) course.

Some youths who have finished this two-year course in HRM are abroad and are sending financial help to their elders in Brookside.  All the teachers are gainfully employed. All graduates are financially helping their elders.

One of the five teachers has taken Master’s degree and is now teaching in college! (Isn’t that just wonderful?!)  The other teachers have gone to public schools where the pay is higher than ours.  They are, however,  still helping in religious, educational and civic activities of the old and young people of the community without remuneration.

As of this writing, three community teachers/leaders are being sent to Graduate studies in Education.  Although these teachers don’t teach anymore in Brookside starting last semester as they have been hired by the Philippine public school system, they still help in the progress/work of the community Association. For the benefit of the youths and the community as well, they initiate activities that are religious/social/civic in nature, such as the  Flores de Mayo,  Sunday masses or anticipated Saturday holy masses, “Nutrition Month”,  ”Buwan ng Wika” (National Language Month)  and other  school activities.  Lately, they established the Prayer Brigade for World Peace.

NEI sent three seminarians to be priests… they have all attained their four-year Bachelor of Philosophy degree at NEI’s expense .  Two are continuing  their seminary studies/work at their individual seminaries, one of whom may soon be ordained in a year or two.  One student, however, is presently on vacation for a year, without certainty of going back to his chosen seminary.

NEI will also pay a CPA review course to be taken by a youth of the community.

The five teachers whom NEI sent to college taught in the elementary school, Stella Maris Alternative School of Brookside, for about ten years.  Sadly, this school has closed down three years ago due to a Philippine government legal requirement  and lack of the necessary funding!!!!  NEI has to find a way to reinstitute these primary grade classes in Brookside!!!  (Please help support  financially  and pray for this intention)

Supported by the Ateneo de Manila University, two resident youths have graduated from Pharmacy course.  Once the graduates pass the Philippine government pharmacy board examinations,  a generic pharmacy might be established on site.


When the war in Mindanao broke out, Brookside started a prayer brigade for world peace.  The community association and the former teachers of Brookside joined hands in forming groups composed of  adults and youths  who will pray at the chapel on their scheduled time .  Each of the eight streets’ residents in Brookside opted to hold their schedule of meeting and praying at the chapel to pray for world peace.

Hopefully, this will be a continuing practice by the community.

SUNDAY HOLY MASS (Saturday -Anticipated Mass)

The leaders of the community have arranged with the parish church of Bagong Silangan to have a priest say the Holy mass every Saturday in their chapel for the sake of the community members and other people in the outlying barangays.  The mass attendees and NEI give the stipend for the priest.


Some of the leaders and volunteers from the community worked on the expansion of the roof  of the community chapel when they noticed there were many additional attendees at the Holy mass being held every Sunday or Saturday. Without the expansion,  the mass attendees will get wet since it is the rainy season in the Phil.  The expansion of the roofing was done voluntarily and at the workers’ expense !  This is a Filipino trait or practice called “Bayanihan“, helping each other for a common cause without pay or remuneration.

Before the opening of the school last year, leaders and some youths also practiced “Bayanihan”  by cleaning, painting and repairing (minor) the classrooms to be used by the Kindergarten/nursery classes.


Since two years ago and continuing presently, the leaders of the community,  thru the help of NEI, operates a kindergarten/nursery school they call SIBOL.  This school-year, it has 69 students and it is funded by NEI and partially by the parents of the community.  The teacher/s are chosen by the community association with the expressed approval of the FMM sister-in-charge of the community and NEI.  The qualified teacher/s are from the community as well.


NEI helps fund the “Feeding the school children” program of Brookside.  The parents are asked to contribute a minimal amount for their children.  Volunteer parents do the preparation and cooking of the nutritious lunch provided to the school children.  Maintenance of  the  schoolrooms are also by volunteer-by-parent basis. (“Bayanihan” at its best!)


Community members who are financially able, help fund a student’s expenses, whether kindergarten, elementary, or high school.  Mostly, people who are grateful for having been helped in the past  pledge  and do so.  Thus, the program bears the name “Pay it Forward”.


The cause of much flooding in Brookside is very poor drainage system.  Recently, the Association or Kapatiran requested help from their Barangay Chairman solve the problem of their drainage system.

Last week, the Barangay started helping.  Here again,  the people of Brookside can be seen practicing the Filipino trait called “Bayanihan”.  Some of  the laborers helping in the project are some volunteering adults of the community.   The City Mayor sent an engineer to supervise the work.

—————————————————————–End of  Update ———————————————————————————————————————-

In behalf of  the people of Brookside, we thank you for your continuous moral and financial support thru New East, Inc.  Please continue to do so as the community still needs your help. If you are not yet our donor,  please contact me (email: galbelda@sbcglobal.net ) or send your check to: 

New East, Inc.

1808 Edgewood Dr

Alhambra, CA 91803




After the elementary school in Brookside, Bagong Silangan, has been closed the past two years, the Kindergarten classes definitely reopened on June 13th, 2016.

Eight five students enrolled in these Kindergarten classes which were divided into four small classes and are  held  in morning and afternoon sessions (two classes each session).  Two former teachers of the Stella Maris Alternative School (SMAS) who graduated from the Lumen Cristi Teacher’s Program of the college run by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM) in Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines,  were hired.

New East, Inc (NEI) started paying the salaries of the two teachers and bought all the textbooks to be used by the schoolchildren.  The parents’ counterpart support will pay for the rest of the incidental costs such as employee benefits, the required Philippine government’s fees, school maintenance and children’s school uniforms.  Should the parents’ registration and monthly fees will not be able to cover those expenses,  NEI will pay for whatever is necessary.

Some of the parents and friends voluntarily dedicated two to three days in renovating the two classrooms which will be used by the Kindergarten students.  NEI paid for the paint and wood used.  In a “bayanihan” style, the parents, leaders and friends of the  Kapatiran (KSJA-HOA), the association of the community,  helped each other in replacing the two badly damaged doors of the classrooms and in refurbishing the blackboards and classrooms to be used by the schoolchildren.  The two classrooms are now ready for use and they look as if no damage has been done by the flood incidences the past years.


Hopefully, the community/school library will soon be re-opened also.  It is being re-stacked with books, dictionaries, children’s books, and general interest books and magazines to be used by the community and the school which hopefully, will be re-opened in June 2017.  Major donations for student reference books will be coming from kind, former and present teachers and residents of Los Angeles, California.   We are looking for more donors to help in this endeavor.

Kindly help… email: galbelda@sbcglobal.net


The community bakery has been relocated from Cubao, Quezon city, to the second floor of the Brookside’s Multi-Purpose building.  It was blessed by the parish priest of Bagong Silangan and started operation in its new location.  Happily, business is doing briskly because the bread and pastries it is selling are welcomed by the community and the people outside the community.  The bakery will no longer pay a rental fee since the new place is owned by the community.  It is hoped then that the newly relocated bakery will profit more and will be able to pay some of the necessary operating expenses of the former SMAS elementary school of Brookside, BS, when the latter opens in June 2017.


Our third seminarian graduated from  BA in Philosophy last May 29, 2016.  He then  entered the seminary of his choice.  (The first two seminarians are presently happy in their seminaries after graduating also the previous years).  Please help by praying that these three seminarians whom you have supported in their first four years of college thru NEI will persevere in their vocation and eventually work at our Lord’s vineyard as ordained priests.


A contest in designing an appropriate  LOGO  for the Kapatirang San Jose Home Owners’ Association (KSJA-HOA) is being planned to be held sometime in August 2016.  The winning logo design shall be used in all letterheads and  signs, by the KSJA-HOA.  Contest will be opened to all  bonafide youths of the community.  A committee shall be formed by elected leaders of the community and a guideline for the contest shall be written.  NEI shall provide for the prizes to be awarded when contest is finished and the best logo design selected.


Registration of the community’s  Multi-purpose Cooperative.   The cooperative is currently seeking legal recognition.  The leaders of the KSJA-HOA and community’s membership consumer cooperative store have finally filed the required papers for its legalization.  An External Auditor of the Cooperative was also appointed.  It is hoped that more profits would be gained so the Cooperative will be able to pay the salaries of more than two teachers when the community school reopens in June 2017.


Two ladies will be graduating with a BS Pharmacy degree in October 2016.  We congratulate all graduates and their families and friends on this milestone of their lives !  Thanks and praise the Lord for this blessing!  If and when the two budding pharmacists take the Philippine Board Exams for Pharmacy and they obtain their licenses, it is planned to open a pharmacy owned by the community.  What a blessing indeed that would be:  the pharmacy would be in addition to a school, a functioning library, a cooperative, a bakery, a clinic, a multi-purpose building and a chapel,  all owned by the community of Brookside, Bagong Silangan!


With help from friends, the Kapatiran has started working on the reopening of their elementary school previously ran by the FMMs.  Target date of re-opening is in June 2017 since all elementary schools in the Philippines start in June.  Some legalities have to be ironed out and funding to be prepared before then.

PLEASE  HELP  by being a MONTHLY ANGEL –   yourself and/or asking your relatives and friends to be a MONTHLY ANGEL,  a  FRIEND OF NEW EAST, INC (NEI).  Your donation will truly be helping our dear brothers and sisters in Brookside, Bagong Silangan, get on their feet.  We welcome automatic bank deposits or personal checks or cash in any amount,  monthly or yearly or once in a while, whenever.   For any questions, please feel free to write us at

galbelda@sbcglobal.net   or    send checks to  1300 Ave 64, Pasadena,  Ca 91105.





Fighting for the Sisters I Left Behind

The following item  from World Pulse in Yahoo news last May 15th, 2014  struck a chord in me.  It was entitled   PHILIPPINES: Fighting for the Sisters I Left Behind.  Here’s an excerpt from it:

“A former victim of human trafficking, today, Myrna Padilla is using her success in the IT industry to create an online network of support connecting women and girls who might otherwise fall through the cracks.  She said:  “I was born among the poorest of the poor in a small, undeveloped fishing village on an island in the Philippines in 1960. A former victim of human trafficking, today I own an IT business with a focus on mobile and social media technology. I also use technology for advocacy to empower millions of the most vulnerable women among us to join in the world’s fight against human trafficking and modern day human slavery………..”

Someone who comes from the poorest of the poor might end up in human trafficking if he or she does not possess job skills which can give him/her the human dignity to stand on her/his own.

Myrna’s  badly needed  EDUCATION gave her a powerful tool not to end up in such an inhumane condition.   This is exactly why the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM) established the YOUTH Educational Program  as one of their FMM programs for the poor,  and New East, Inc.(NEI)  is supporting the youths  with their dream to acquire knowledges and skills  for decent jobs.  The sisters believe that education is a way to empower the young, especially the less fortunate, “not just giving fish (dole out) but teaching them to fish.”  The lack of opportunities leading to helplessness pushes them to give up their dreams and worse, not to dream at all.  But through the grace of God, the new generation of young people in Brookside, Bagong Silangan, as a fruit of the sisters’ endeavor in Stella Maris Alternative School (SMAS), has given birth to youths aspiring to become lawyers, medical technicians, teachers, accountants,  computer specialist,  business managers, etc.

With  your unfailing charity,  thru NEI, there are children who find themselves in classrooms and universities instead of in the streets falling prey to human trafficking…PLEASE,  don’t let our youth of today fall through the crack.  Let  us all help through EDUCATION, JOB SKILLS and EMPOWERMENT of these  youths ….let us not stop supporting them!